Experience the alluring aroma and distinctive bold flavor of Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A truly limited production oil, presented from our table to yours.

from our table to yours

It begins with a flick of the wrist and a pop of the cork. But even before you start pouring Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil its alluring peppery and fruity aroma greets you, introducing a taste that awaits; a taste from a millennia old superfood, which holds hidden attributes that promote health and longevity. Only recently have scientists begun to understand its secrets.

Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so rich in flavor you will realize why Greeks like consuming more olive oil per person than any other country in the world. Yet, not all olive oils are created equal, including those bearing the words Extra Virgin on their label. Numerous factors come into play in order to craft a superior extra virgin olive oil in terms of taste, nutrition, and antioxidant qualities: Factors such as the varietal of olive, where it is grown, and how the olives are pressed into oil.

Kiklos Koroneiki olives come from one region - not many - from the Peloponnese in Greece; a truly limited production olive oil, superior in flavor, aromatics, and antioxidant qualities.

the queen of olives

Known as "The Queen of Olives," the Koroneiki varietal gets its name for its distinctive bold flavor offering gratifying levels of fruitiness, bitterness, and pepperiness. Kiklos Koroneiki olives come from one region - not many - from the Peloponnese in Greece; a truly limited production olive oil. Kiklos olives are picked at harvest time for this superior caliber of olive and are cold-pressed immediately; never touching water, sustaining vitamins, polyphenols, and other antioxidants, and delivering its awe inspiring taste.

Not only does Kiklos have exceptional taste, it has unprecedented health benefits as well. Kiklos' peppery finish - the "Kiklos Kick" - is a signal of a great extra virgin olive oil offering remarkable antioxidant qualities. Kiklos achieves this by carefully selecting Koroneiki olives, which are high in antioxidants. Although a costly process, the end result is a full-bodied extra virgin olive oil, which is delicious and nutritious. Those still searching for the fountain of youth, look no further.

Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - one taste, and you may decide to have it neat. Enjoy the rich aromatics and bold flavor alone, or enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

decisions decisions

One taste of Kiklos and you might decide not to pair it with anything else, one taste and you might do what we do and try it neat. Yet sometimes a tomato needs an extra kick, or a slice of feta cheese, or of course even a salad. Cooking with Kiklos can also enhance the flavor of lemon roasted chicken, grilled steak, or sautéed vegetables ... once off the heat.